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Home page for Lavenham. Click on the link for Lavenham Airfield in this site. Photographs, airfield plan and a contact address.

Air Chater

Scott Murdock’s excellent website devoted mainly to Military information:

Looking for aerial photograph


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For topographic maps, there is Terraserver and also TopoZone at:

Historical maps are maintained at NOAA by the Government.

Sites where old aerial photographs can be found.

Wayne University in Michigan (limited coverage)

University of Florida

(United Kingdom)


Greenham Common GLCM silos. Some close up shots of the silos. Check the links for for many more pictures of other underground sites

Built Only For Battle. A good site with Winkton (ALG) airfield history including occupying units such as the 404th Fighter Group.

Disused WW II Airfields of N.E. Scotland. An interesting site worth a look with plenty of pictures.

Oxfordshire AirfieldsAn interesting selection of photographic images of airfields in the county of Oxfordshire. 

Abandoned WWII Airfields and Other Structures.  Mainly images of surviving structures in various states of decay on a selected number of airfields.

Andrewsfield Aviation LtdFlying training at Andrewsfield, on the former WW II Andrews Field (Great Saling) airfield. 

RAF Driffield.  A personal look at Driffield with concerns its future prospects.  The English Heritage - Thematic Listing Programme page has an good table of airfield buildings  recommended buildings for listing and already listed throughout England.

Holmsley South (Tin Town) 1946-1961)Alan Davis takes a nostalgic look at Holmsley South from the end of WW2 until 1961 when the RAF camp at Holmsley South was used for temporary housing by two local councils. A different perspective on airfield history.

Parachute Course Admin Unit - Permanent Staff PCAU - No 1 PTS, Parachute School, RAF Abingdon - and - Royal Naval Air Station HMS Hornbill, Culham.  More nostalgia on this small but promising site by Carrick Watson.

The RAF in Lincolnshire.  The airfields, the units and much, much more.  This has become a "must see" website.


Globemaster US Military Aviation Database. This information server contains all active aircraft operating units and air bases of the US forces around the world, including tail codes, maps, fact sheets, abbreviations and links. With more than 9,000 data records and 5,000 links it is probably the most comprehensive online resource about the US air forces of all branches.

Scotts USAF Installations page Scott says "This page will share bits and pieces of my research into the history, design, and use of U.S. Air Force installations. For several years I have gathered information on the bases used by the Air Force and it's predecessors, the Army Air Forces, Army Air Corps, and Air Service. My time frame of interest ranges from the acceptance testing of the Wright airplane by the Army, through the year 2000. My eventual goal is to have a fairly complete inventory of Air Force properties, with basic chronological information about their military service."


The Aviation Webring. Loads of aviation sites in this Web ring.
Aviation History Webring. Yet more interesting sites to be found here.
The 'AirNet' Links Site. You want aviation links? Then you must not miss this site with more links that you can handle in a week of evenings!

AIRFIELD DISCUSSIONS & eGROUPS  Subscribe to this handy eGroup to discuss airfields and to post your airfield queries.



U.K.Airfield Histories. Guy Jefferson's first venture into to web page building. Contains a list of WW II airfields and one airfield history. More to come so "watch this space" for forthcoming additions.

David's Page of Cold War and WW II Military History. A much visited and very pictorial site from David Farrant that includes photos of Alconbury airfield 1999 and RAF Wyton 2000.

Gloucestershire Airfields. By ARG member Ashley Bailey mainly  featuring RAF Little Rissington.

Bunker Tours. Dan McKenzie's Military History Site with pictures of USAF bases in the UK

RAF Greenham Common This site aims to give a look at the life and times of the base, the people who served there, the historical and political contexts, and the aircraft and defences of the base.

No 19 Operational Training Unit. RAF Forres and RAF Kinloss, Bomber Command, during WW II

RAF Upwood and RAF Warboys two sites by Sean Edwards with photo's and history of from both airfields.

Wight Air Wrecks a database of military air losses in the Isle of Wight, the site deals with the 300 odd aircraft that have crashed or force-landed onto the Island or into the coastal waters around it.

RAF Gan A website dedicated to RAF Gan and all those who served there the "Gannites" from 1957 to 1976.   R.A.F. Gan was the staging post in the Indian Ocean for British Servicemen and their Families traveling back and forth from the U.K. to Singapore and Hong Kong.

"Ghostbase" is intended as a photographic memorial to the Cold War airbases that have since closed and the servicemen and their families who served there.

Control Towers This site is dedicated to the study of UK airfields of World War Two. Particular emphasis will be on the Control Tower, or Watch Office. This is the heart of flying operations on every airfield.

Ninth Air Force in the E.T.O. 1943-1945.  An ongoing website being put together by John V Nicholls.  Lots of work to be added but has useful listing of USAAF airfield station numbers and listings of post D-Day allied continental airfields and landing grounds.



Reflections of RAF Warmwell - a book by Anthony Cooke.  This second edition continues to be a tribute to the RAF.  

Click on the logo above to visit the Aviation Book Centre website


Click on the title link if you are having problems with identifying airfield buildings. This handy little pocket-sized volume is sure to assist you.  Volume 2 also available.



By ARG member Rod Priddle.

Click HERE for details.

No link here (except to order form) but two excellent books by ARG member Paul A Doyle worthy of mention.
The story of Sawbridgeworth's airfield 
A highly detailed history of the little known Hertfordshire airfield. Softback, A4 size with 90 pages. Illustrated throughout with photos and plans.


A history of aircraft landing grounds in Essex during the First World War. 

The sub-title makes the content of the book self-explanatory. Softback, A4 size with 112 pages. Illustrated throughout with photos and plans.

For an order form for these books click here


Aeroplane (Aeroplane Monthly) magazine.
FlyPast magazine.
Royal Air Force Association RAFA has approximately 100,000 members across the world from all walks of life and of all ages with one thing in common, the wish for all those who are or have served in the Royal Air Force to be provided with and have access to welfare care and support when they need it.
The Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon. Needs no introduction. Non-Flash or Flash version available but you can download Flash plugin at the "Pre Flight Page...." if required.
Imperial War Museum, Duxford Airfield. Including link to the American Air Museum in Britain.
Newark Air Museum The website of the Newark Air Museum.

MAM logo

Midland Air Museum  The website for the Midland Air Museum based at Coventry (Baginton) airport. 
The Royal Air Force Website. Interesting site with several interactive features that need a few software plugins.
USAF Museum
USAF Museum. The USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. If you are planning a visit, check out this site first.
The Carpetbagger Aviation Museum, Harrington.  The Carpetbagger Aviation Museum was formed in 1993 for the 50th Anniversary reunion of the USAAF's 801st / 492nd Bomb Group (The Carpetbaggers) at Harrington. It is housed in the Group Operations Building on the Administration Site of the former Station 179 airfield at Harrington, Northamptonshire, England.
YAM logo
Yorkshire Air Museum. The official website of the Yorkshire Air Museum. Check it out then pay a visit to the museum at Elvington, not too far from their city of York.
Air Britain logo The Air Britain website.  This is a must for all aviation buffs
RMARG logo
Ridgeway Military and Aviation Research Group (RMARG) Covering N. Wiltshire, N. Berkshire and S. Oxfordshire, this outfit has very diverse military interests.
The Daedalus Virtual Aviation Museum tells the story of naval aviation at Lee-on-Solent from the dark days of 1917 through to the present day. The Museum is a memorial to the men and women who served our country in times of peace and peril, and to the airfield which bore witness to the birth of naval aviation and development of the Fleet Air Arm and Royal Air Force in Britain and the Commonwealth.
The Hooton Park Trust (HPT) was formed in 2000 with the aim of forming a Trust to oversee and manage the restoration of the remaining First World War hangars on the former RAF airfield at Hooton Park.
57 Rescue Services Page. This is for Handley Page Halifax fans. Miss it and miss out. Links to other Halifax sites too.

The Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum.

RAF Lichfield Association. RAF Lichfield Association.  In WW11 Aircrew came from many parts of the world to 27 O.T.U. to form crews on the Wellington bomber before going on to their Squadrons.  51 M.U. got all types of aircraft ready for active service and at the end of the War broke up thousands for scrap but also prepared many for export to foreign air forces or civilian use until the airfield closed in 1958.  82 M.U. crated Spitfires for deck cargo to Russia and when hostilities ceased an Air Navigation School was formed with Wellingtons, Oxfords and Valettas. Other Units such as Airfield Construction and Motor Transport served in the early 50's.


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