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The Control Tower RAF Bentwaters
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How To Join

We regret that are unable to process applications online at present. If you wish to subscribe without delay, please download the form, print it out and complete it and forward with payment to: Raymond Towler, Hon. Gen. Secretary ARG 33A Earls Street, THETFORD, Norfolk IP24 2AB, England.

Please refer to About ARG for an explanation of the Membership Year. If you have any general enquiries about membership or any other aspect of the Group, please email Ray Towler, Secretary.

Click here to download the form for 2005 membership.

All payments must be in UK sterling. Cheque or postal order payable to AIRFIELD RESEARCH GROUP

General Secretary - ARG, 33A Earls Street, THETFORD, Norfolk, IP24 2AB, UK.

Allow 28 days for delivery.


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