In the 1980s lists of United States Army Air Force Station Numbers appeared in various issues of Airfield Review, the journal of the Airfield Research Group.  Unfortunately these were incomplete and followed no logical order.  I put together this article to right this and it was published in Airfield Review No. 68 in April 1995.  It should hopefully explain how the numbering systems worked. Based on information available. it is believed that the later (September 1942 onwards) lists are comprehensive. Due to limitations of space no attempt has been made to describe the use or users of the individual stations. For example, a bomber airfield would have had in addition to its main group, numerous other separate units and detachments also on site such as Air Service Air Charter Directory Command technicians, Military Police, etc. and it would be impractical to include all this additional information.



UNITED KINGDOM AIRFIELDS LISTING from 1939 by Name, Location, National Grid Reference and Latitude/Longitude.  

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of Continental Europe after D-Day and the Invasion of North West Europe

These lists of post D-Day (6 June 1944) airfields and landing grounds of the Allied forces in Europe are based on a two-part article by Bill Hickox in Airfield Review, journal of the Airfield Research Group, (Issue Nos. 66, August 1994 and 67, December 1994.  Additional material was supplied by me as an article in No. 72, August 1996.)  This page was originally based on a combination of all three parts and was part of the Ninth AAF website.  Additional material has been, and is being, added.  It is not quite as comprehensive as I would like and if you can add further information please click on the link below and send me email  In particular I am seeking the missing coordinates of the R airfields, opening and closing dates of the B airfields, code names (call signs) for the fields, number and details of runways, and copies of the wartime plans of these airfields.  I am also seeking the main users of the B airfields.  Can you help?  [** THE LISTS WERE REVISED INTO TABULAR FORM, January 2010. **]


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Thanks to Bill Hickox (UK) and Scott Murdock (USA) for supplying the initial material.  Many thanks to Ted Damick (USA), Alexander Elsas (Germany), Ken Wakefield (UK),  Emmanuel Eggermont (Belgium), Claude Masset (France), Henning Tikwe (Germany), Alain Rosseels (Sint-Truiden, Belgium), Patrick A. Jonneaux and others for additions, revisions and corrections.  Thanks also to Jocelyn Leclercq for helping out with the French/English translations.