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About Airfield Research Group (ARG)

History and Funding of ARG.

 The AIRFIELD RESEARCH GROUP (ARG) has enjoyed a continuous existence since it was formed in 1978 by a number of enthusiastic individuals sharing a common interest in airfields. 

The Group is a non-profit making organisation funded entirely from annual membership subscriptions and voluntary donations.

Since its earliest beginnings the Group has grown in strength and is now recognised as a leading authority on all aspects pertaining to both civil and military airfields in the United Kingdom. The Group has been congratulated by many official and professional bodies.


The Aims of ARG

The aims of AIRFIELD RESEARCH GROUP are to research, collate and disseminate material relating to the history, development, architecture, current status and uses of current and disused, civil and military airfields of the United Kingdom. Overseas airfields that have or have had British connections are sometimes included. Research is carried out by individual members of the Group and the results of their endeavours are frequently published in the Group's privately circulated journal, AIRFIELD REVIEW. The journal is available free exclusively to subscribing members except for limited copies supplied to official bodies including the libraries of the RAF Museum, Ministry of Defence, etc. air charter Although contributors to Airfield Review are mostly amateurs, their detailed articles continue to be produced to a highly professional standard with material that cannot be found in publications elsewhere. There are currently about 400 members subscribing to the Group. While most live in the United Kingdom, there are also many members from overseas.

ARG Activities

Due to the widespread nature of the membership it is not practical to hold regular meetings on a national basis. At present the Annual General Meeting, normally held in April, is the only gathering open to all members. The annual meetings are normally held at significant aviation museums based at former or active airfields.  Nevertheless, regional meetings are occasionally organised so that members can meet together to discuss, exchange and research historical and regional information and arrange visits to sites of interest. Site visits have proved to be highly successful. Over recent years Group activities have included visits to the former USAFE base's at Alconbury and Upper Heyford as well as the active RAF stations at Henlow, Honington and Wyton.  The site visits are privately arranged on behalf of the Group and normally exclusive to subscribing members only. 


Membership of AIRFIELD RESEARCH GROUP is by a minimum annual subscription and is open to anyone, although the Management Committee reserves the right to refuse membership. All members will abide by the ARG Constitution without exception. A copy of the Constitution may be obtained from the secretary. The Subscription Year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Anyone joining after 1 October may subscribe for the current year and enjoy that years benefits, or subscribe for the coming year at the coming years subscription rates. All applications and renewals for membership of the AIRFIELD RESEARCH GROUP must be submitted on a yearly application form and sent to the Group's Secretary with payment. You may however print out and complete the form on the How To Join page if you are a first time applicant.

AIRFIELD RESEARCH GROUP is an member of the British Aviation Preservation Council (BAPC).

Airfield Research Group 2001 - 2010

"Produced by Airfield Research Group Publishing", "Airfield Review" and "Airfield Research" are names used by the Group.

These pages designed for AIRFIELD RESEARCH GROUP (ARG) by Dan McKenzie Comments and suggestions welcomed.