Welcome to the Air Charter Transport Research and Development website! We aim to provide you with all the latest news and developments in the air transport world, so that you can make informed travel and air transport choices.

ATR&D is an independent air transport evaluation site working all sectors of aviation, from personal travel, to air charter, cargo charter, flight training and airport management.

Our analytical services are directed toward improving and enhancing air transport industry operations. We aim to push the air transport industry to advance in a more progressive and technological direction by giving you, the customer, all the information you need to objective decisions about your air transport services. Drop us an email if you would like to hear more.


Welcome to the Air Charter Transport Research and Development website!

ATR&D is a small, informal private organization that aims to give aviation customers the chance to contribute in evaluate all aspects of the aviation industry. Our task is to continually strive to help make the aviation industry better for ourselves and the fare paying passengers. We have links and relationships with pilots, engineers, mechanics, airports ground handling personnel, ticketing agents and staff, lawyers, regulators and journalists.

We promote the highest common standards of quality in civil aviation. We are a reliable partner for our counterpart authorities throughout the world. All we want is a safe and sustainable aviation environment. ATR&D give all aviation professionals and customers the chance to write in and share their knowledge, experiences and suggestions. With you we can build a worldwide edifice of excellence in aviation. We aim to reach our main goal of consistent quality throughout the aviation industry with the highest level of efficiency and integrity.

We look to get full accountability from all the associated aviation organisations, authorities, and unions through a system of checks and balances involving the individual consumer, national governments and the aviation institutions themselves. ATR&D is an independent website with a unique personality and autonomy in legal, administrative and financial matters.

As well as seeking to inform and educate the customer, we hope to assist the civil aviation authorities (including airports), civil aviation communities and organisations, and international airlines in promoting all quality legislations and issues, and support them to distribute those quality procedures to the industry personnel and staff. We also intend to assist all of the above in monitoring the application of the highest quality procedures. We try to present important aviation quality issues that are based on the most current information from a variety of resources, including international associations and organisations, government reports, plus independent, academic and individual researches.

We closely monitor the civil aviation industry organisations, review their press bulletins, and remain up to date on the general aviation environment. We appreciate the effort and cooperation from all those who present their valuable input and comments to help us improve.

At ATR&D we also offer access to a global network of independently audited aircraft charter operators with the highest standards of safety, quality and service. Our site is here to assist you with answering any of your questions regarding private jet charter travel arrangements to and from over airports throughout the world.

Flying privately gives you the freedom and control to travel on your own terms. You can experience the benefits of private jet travel with ultimate flexibility and no strings attached. Furthermore we can guide through the decisions and swathes of information regarding cargo charter. Finally should you wish to take control of your aviation experience, we can guide you towards a quality flight school in your area so that you can take that first lesson and begin on that long and exciting journey towards a private pilot's licence!

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Private Air Charter Explained

Charter Explained 
Chartering an aircraft is much easier than you might think. The basic steps are outlined here: Call us at 020 887 3528 and tell us the details of your trip. This would include departure date, number traveling, destinations, number of days staying, etc. Our staff will provide a quote, let you know what different aircraft would cost, and help you firm up the details. More