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Fractional Ownership

The following guide will explain fractional ownership
Fractional ownership of a jet is for individuals or companies that are currently chartering an aircraft more than once a month or are considering purchasing an aircraft. We at Air Charter Transport R&D are constantly trying to offer our customers options that would make air travel more affordable. See list of charter operators.

As shown in our Guide to Air Charter, chartering a jet can satisfy many of your traveling needs. However, if you charter aircraft frequently, it may be less expensive to actually purchase a fraction of an aircraft. See Business info

The following guide will explain fractional ownership and help you determine if this option is right for you! Fractional Ownership versus Complete Purchase If you were to purchase an aircraft, it is very similar to purchasing a car. You would most likely secure a loan and make the purchase. Then, you need to find insurance coverage. Third, you need to find hanger space for the aircraft. Fourth, you need to find some qualified pilots to fly the aircraft. That being done, you could now fly the aircraft under FAR Part 91.

Read about limitations of FAR Part 91 here. In the end, you would be 100% responsible for all costs which include the aircraft note, aircraft insurance, pilot training and pay, hanger fees, maintenance, engine reserves, airport fees, and other supporting functions.

Fractional ownership, on the other hand, gives you many more benefits than a complete purchase with a substantially smaller investment. Here is a partial list of benefits over a complete purchase option: Your initial investment is substantially less expensive because you are only purchasing 'part' of the aircraft. Through a monthly management fee, Air Charter Transport R&D will provide many supporting functions of the aircraft such as hanger fees, maintenance, cleaning, basic snack/drink stock, and insurance. You have a low cost per hour rate that covers additional fees like pilot training and pay, airport and landing fees, engine reserves, and fuel.

Even though more fees are assessed through the fractional program, the total cost is less per hour than to charter the aircraft. Other Benefits of our fractional program There are several other benefits available to our fractional partners. Even though you may purchase a share of one aircraft, we will allow you to use other aircraft at comparable rates. For example, if you were to purchase a share of our Learjet, you could also use or Sabreliner or Hawker is reduced rates compared to charter rates. We provide flexible scheduling options and have many aircraft available for backup. We will handle the aircraft's back-office functions and let you focus on saving money.

Buyers that purchase 1/2 share

Buyers that purchase 1/2 share or more may participate in the revenue created when we operate the aircraft in FAR Part 135 charter. Aircraft Currently Available for Fractional Ownership Learjet 25D Sabreliner 65 Hawker 600 We have tried to provide you a basic idea of how our program works. Of course, many details need to be covered. If you think this program might be just what you’re looking for, call 1 516 432 8888 or use our 'Contact Us' form to learn more about our Fractional Aircraft Program.



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Private Air Charter Explained

Charter Explained 
Chartering an aircraft is much easier than you might think. The basic steps are outlined here: Call us at 020 887 3528 and tell us the details of your trip. This would include departure date, number traveling, destinations, number of days staying, etc. Our staff will provide a quote, let you know what different aircraft would cost, and help you firm up the details. More