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Aircraft Available for charter


The LearJet is considered the jet of business jets! Few others match this aircraft’s performance. Additionally, this aircraft is the least expensive to charter of our aircraft. The LearJet is air conditioned to help keep you cool while on the ground. Although the cabin is small at 4 feet tall, this aircraft will quickly transport eight adults and lots of luggage. A semi-private bathroom is available if the need arises.

Sabreliner 40

The Sabreliner 40 is the perfect balance of comfort, range, and price. It can carry 4 - 6 passengers in relative comfort (seven can fly in a pinch!) and has the ability to operate out of medium sized airports.

This private jet aircraft features fan engines that give it the best range of most business jets. The interior features a large galley with hot coffee, cold drinks, etc. The aircraft also has a flat screen display with Air show and a VCR. It also has a fully enclosed lavatory. This aircraft seats six comfortably in leather chairs. We have developed a photo gallery of this aircraft. You can visit it here. Aircraft Specifications are also available. Feel free to call 1 516 432 8888 for more information.

Sabreliner 40 Features

  • US's first twin-engine business jet.
  • Generous cabin space
  • On board Hot and cold drink facility 
  • Enclose Toilet facility

Hawker 700 Private Business Jet

The Hawker is Charter Info's largest private jet available. It has the most comfortable cabin with a six-foot ceiling. It seats eight very comfortably with five captain chairs and a 3 place aft couch. We recently upgraded the entertainment system to include two flat screen monitors, a DVD/CD player, Air show, wireless headphones, cabin speakers, and an access point to connect your notebook computer or gaming console to the system. This aircraft also has an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that allows us to heat/cool and power the aircraft while on the ground without connecting to an external device. For those longer trips, it includes a fully enclosed lavatory with a flushing toilette.

How fast are your private Jets?

Aircraft speed varies by type of plane and some other factors. Generally speaking, the private jets we can arrange charters on operate between 70 and 80% the speed of sound. This is approximately 450 to 550 mph. These speeds are comparable to most airliners.

Jet On board Facilities

Is there a bathroom on my jet? Possibly, though this depends on the airplane

Some jets have an enclosed bathroom with actual flushing toilets. Others may have only a privacy curtain that separates the other passengers from the hidden toilette. Rule of thumb, Hawkers and Sabreliners have private bathrooms while the Learjets and Citations do not.

Meals and catering

Are meals served on the flight?

We will automatically provide a basic mix of soft drinks and snacks on each flight. Most aircraft will also include ice and hot coffee. We also include our standard snack mix. Each catering basket can be personally prepared for each private jet charter so if you would like a special meal, we will be glad to arrange it! Charter Jet Info can have food catered at most US airports.

We now offer air charter services

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Private Air Charter Explained

Charter Explained 
Chartering an aircraft is much easier than you might think. The basic steps are outlined here: Call us at 020 887 3528 and tell us the details of your trip. This would include departure date, number traveling, destinations, number of days staying, etc. Our staff will provide a quote, let you know what different aircraft would cost, and help you firm up the details. More